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Anthropopsychology is the first exact humanistic science, which was initiated at the beginning of this millennium by the Serbian sociologist Dragan Atanacković Teodor.

Anthropopsychology deals with the states of man as a psyche.

These conditions can be:

1) usual (pseudonormal),

2) abnormal (pathological) i

3) normal.

Anthropopsychology informs those who have reached a clearly abnormal state from which they got there and tries not to return them to their previous state, but to a state of normality, leaving them the choice to be „treated“ with drugs and therapies if they want, but in Anthropopsychology does not participate in that „treatment“.
In short, neither the so-called does not prohibit or recommend it to patients.
It is left to their free will to decide, in other words if the so-called if the patient persistently continues to „go crazy“, anthropopsychology gives up on him, because it is not violent, and leaves him to „treatment“, while continuing to work with him, if he turns into an actor, i.e. an active participant in solving his psychological situation.
The initial stage of working with those who have replaced pseudo-normality with abnormality is the recognition of these persons that they are abnormal.
Only then can we move on.
Mental health is usually understood as a psycho-state without overemphasized pathological phenomena, such as „excessive jealousy“ and the like.

Swiss cheese – the picture of a common state of the anthropopsyche, normality with a lot of pathological holes, i.e. pseudo-normality.

Any phenomenon that can cause psychological distress from mild to severe is pathological.
Only with many such phenomena, people live „in peace“ until these phenomena cross the border, and when they will cross – it is not known.
Let’s remember the cases when a man „kills everything alive“, and before that he was „so calm“…
Can it be predicted and prevented? Can.

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